Friday, October 2, 2009

Ex-Aide Reveals Darkest Secrets: T.B JOSHUA Enjoys Having Sex With Young Girls In The Church

*Slept With 3 Sisters
A former devotee and associate of Pastor Temitope Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations with headquarters in Ikotun, Lagos has joined the league of those calling for a probe of the man's claim of spiritual prowess. The young man, who gave his name as Julius, made damning revelations about the spirituality and charity claims of Pastor Joshua in an exclusive chat with First Weekly.

The young man revealed that T.B Joshua has turned his church to a business venture with his charity programme and that he is sexually enslaving all the girls in his “supposed church, which is a slave camp.” The dark-complexioned guy did not mince words last week as he spoke about his personal experience as a devotee of T.B Joshua for almost a decade, while calling on the government to commence an investigation into Joshua's activities in the Synagogue. It was mind blowing and no holds-barred session.

T.B Joshua says he is a man of God. We see him on television and in the papers, as his former devotee, do you agree to this
Infact, with my experience and what I saw, he is the greatest criminal Nigeria is yet to discover. By the time it dawn on them, I pray the damage wouldn't be so much, calling him a man of God is an insult to Christianity. It is only those who are not close to him and who do not understand his deceptive moves that would call him a man of God, because they are carried away by what he says. What he is saying is different from what he does behind. When he comes to church and preaches he only comes to deceive the people.

Can you be more specific on this
The money he gives and his pretence to help people is a deceit. When he started it, he used it as an opportunity to make money and he saw how the dividends were coming. We were there when he started his charity programmes in 2006. Actually, he was wondering how some churches abroad, in U.S.A and others come about their money. When Hurricane Katrina happened, churches in America were donating millions of money to help the victims. He was just researching how they came about their money. He then called us to see how the churches make money apart from offering. The foreigners in the church then told him that the churches form charity organizations through which they get money from donors to support their programmes. Even when he had not started Emmanuel Television, he was arranging video recordings. He sent some people down to Benin Expressway to talk to the beggars and promised them he would help them. He put some money in the envelopes and promised to help them. He told them if they appreciated what he did for them, he would do more. We said a lot of things to make the beggars praise him; we recorded it and brought it back. He compiled them on tapes and sent them abroad to foreign organizations. When these foreigners come, we gather them in a room and say this is what we have done. We will say he is helping the less privileged, with this, money would come in. When he traveled for crusade, people give money. A man gave $1million cheque at a particular crusade abroad. When he saw it was paying off, he continued, he is using it to deceive people. He is making money out of it. Even when he started, after the service and we go to the internet to see those who have sent money, and we print it out, he would be happy, shouting 'owo re o' money has come. Secondly, I wonder the type of government we have in Nigeria, many girls and boys got there young, now they are in their 30s, they are not married. T.B Joshua is keeping them there, why, he cannot explain. He keeps those people there because he is sleeping with all the girls.

How did you know all these
To start with if you are there, all these things would be known to you, we men that were there knew what he was doing, even the girls know he was sleeping with them in turns. We were over 100 men, 100 women. When you are there, you are caught off from the world. It was when I came out of the place that I discovered that my elder sister had delivered three children. You are separated from your family and the world. It is like a concentration camp in a way. Secondly, there was a family he slept with three of their girls. The girls are Abiola children, when they left; they exposed what T.B Joshua was doing to them.

All the girls there are competing among themselves because of his sexual relationship with them. I have met about 20 girls, who left T.B Joshua; the story is still the same. Both Nigerians and foreigners. A white lady, South African, left there because of sexual exploitation. Her father started Synagogue Church in South Africa. I asked her on phone why she left and she told me the whole story. She said T.B Joshua was sleeping with her in her father's house in South Africa, when he came to South Africa. The lady said she realized what was happening when T.B Joshua slept with her friend from England. So, both of them now said they were not coming back to the church. They reported these to the authorities of their countries. Presently, T.B Joshua cannot go to South Africa and enter Cape Town. There is an order waiting for him. So also Austria, a lady from Austria, Tamara, was in the church and saw what was happening. He slept with the girl too. When the sick come, Joshua would tell them to believe in prayers. But, I can tell you Joshua is a sick man. He takes drugs regularly. When he wakes up in the morning, after using chewing stick, the next thing he takes is 'agbo' (local herbs). He is addicted to drugs and deceives people not to take drugs. When they were building the church, a carpenter from Arigidi, his home town in Ondo State, fell down and died. But when the man's family came, we heard he told them he had accident and died. He settled the family with money. There was the story of a girl Nkiru, who collapsed and died while they were still building the church. He told the family that when she was going home, she fell down at the bus stop and died. More than 20 ladies can come out to tell the world the havoc T.B Joshua has wrecked. If they hear he is arrested by the police today, the people would come out to testify. But, they cannot do so now because they know that if they come out against him, they are not safe. We that are talking now, he has sent people after us, that is why we have come out to let people know what is happening. He has paid people money to keep watch on us.

How did you join him and when did you leave and why
I joined him around 1999, when I left school. I left in 2006. While there, I was the co-coordinator of the foreigners that came to Synagogue. I was handling the foreign visitors. I met a lot of people who were there, who were growing old and were not married. You discovered you are even better than those who have been with him for long. T.B Joshua is number one there and every other person is down there. Nobody is moving forward or backward. Atimes, we discussed the issues. We talked about those who have died like Samson, Benson, Kayode. These were people who have worked with him, who were close to him. You look at yourself that you are not even up to their level, so you cannot continue to stay there.

Why are people still there if his miracles are fake
Joshua knows how to package things. He packages things very well and so people are deceived. Those white men there come based on what they are made to see. When you get to the church on a normal healing day, now they do it every last Friday of the month, the people that are sick are not actually attended to. The major people who have diseases are discharged. Those people you see, they present their situations as if they are real. Many of the miracles are arranged, some when they come, they would counsel you and tell you to use your drugs and treat yourself. When they see that you keep coming and you are being healed by your drugs, they would bring you closer. When they bring you close to him, they would ask you to start acting the way you were. May be someone who could not walk and they see he could now stand, they would ask you to sit down. They would then flash back to the first day you came in the film before they now show your present state. When they ask those people to stand up, people would now shout. All these are recorded and sent to the white men. There are many cases like that, some happen by chance, just like what herbalists do. What he does, herbalists do the same. What he is doing is far from being a man of God. His mountain at Agodo in Cole area of Ikotun, the day the government will take over the place, they will discover many things. He has taken many government officials there. He has built many huts. You are not permitted to go there if you are not invited. There are restricted places there you cannot reach. The place is surrounded by water; you cannot swim inside it because there are dangerous animals there.

Does his wife stay with him
The woman was not there before, now she is there, but they don't live in the same room. The wife is in the first floor and he is in the fifth floor. The wife does not have free access to him. She must tell the receptionist she wants to see him. He has to be informed that she wants to see him. We have more access to him than his wife. The woman is aware of what he does. One Mr. Festus said the woman confided in him that she knows what the man was doing, but that she has married him, she could not go anywhere. They have three children, he is keeping other people's children there, but his daughter, a 17-year-old, is in Oxford University.
A woman, who lives close to the church, has been crying for years to see her son, but she could not see him and the son is there in the church. There is another man whose wife was working in the supermarket, her name is Janet, the husband is crying up till today, he is a Togoless, and he cannot see the woman. When Joshua heard that the man wanted to see his wife, he removed her from the supermarket. Now, nobody knows where the woman is. The man cannot even talk to the wife on phone. He has destroyed many people, but they feel he is powerful so, they are afraid of him.

How come the government has not done anything about him
We have written a lot of petitions. We wrote to the Inspector General of Police, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) based on his financial manipulations. We gave them details of everything, the former I.G, Mike Okiro was aware of his deeds, but he was his friend.

So, what do you want to do next
We want to expose T.B Joshua based on what he did to us. Many young men and women are still in his enclave; we are against the way he is still going about wooing a lot of people innocently. Tomorrow, generations not born would not forgive us for what happened if we do not expose him. Enough is enough; T.B Joshua is not bigger than the government. Some of our leaders have dined with him. They have visited him.

Has he tried to reach you since you left him
We have received several calls from him and his agents. They would not use their numbers. They would call and threaten us, they would make offers. We know they are his people, they would send text messages, if you call the number, the number would not go. They would text that they would assassinate us if we don't stop. They text and promised to give us money that since we have left, they are ready to settle us. We are not looking for money, he knows our mind, the money he has today is blood money. If he gives you N1million, he will add one trillion troubles. I can call people for you on phone, they would testify. We know all these, so why should we collect money from him. The security agencies are insensitive to what the man is doing. They should set up an investigative panel, he is boasting that he is untouchable, no man should be untouchable.


taneesha said...

you say Tb Joshua is not above the goverment,well I wiil never believe you,you say he isnt above the government abi?well he is a man of God&GOD is above the government

Anonymous said...

tb joshua is real man of god.if you have something better than his, why can't u sho it? Leave us alone. This man has taught us to love other people.atleast he shares his riches with other people.

Anonymous said...

Leave tb Joshua alone.millions of lives hv bn Transformed tru d power of God working in hm.u cnt jst cm out nd gv funny stories abt a prophet.God iz judge of all.

Nfu said...

Some of us have always known this man is fake, very fake. It may take some time but the truth is coming out. My heart goes out to the poor folks who have been deceived. May the mercy of God flow to them

Anonymous said...

All what you have said is a lie. Why are you just looking for lies to cover your dirty act. Why can't you just tell the world your dirty act for leaving the church. You better go and look for a good job instead of going about telling fake stories

Anonymous said...

Tb Joshua is a man of God. You are under a need to repent for those lies

Anonymous said...

Hello every body..
I'm mrs Roslyn Gaffane from Pretoria south Africa i have being on sick bed for 2 years now.i have being in many hospitals in this country but no doctor could cure my illness(CANCER) until one day i was watching Emmanuel TV (synagogue church of all nations) i saw how the man of God help many people i search for their email i contact them and explain all my problem them pray for me send me their new anointing water as i apply the anointing water that is the end of the sickness.. i'm the most happiest woman on earth now.. thank you so much Prophet T B Joshua.. in case any body have problems don't hesitate to contact Prophet T B Joshua (

Anonymous said...

I can see than many people are in complete worship of this man! That alone should ring alarm bells, Paul the apostle never ever taught in the epistles to worship the leaders, when the one church was baptising in Pauls name, Paul quickly rebuked them!
It is also evident by the aggression in your posts that all of you hold TB Joshua very high, almost as high as God, especially as you call him a prophet. Seems to me where there is smoke there is fire, too many people are coming out of the wood work telling their stories about TB Joshua, they all can't be wrong.
This is the problem with Pentecostal churches, doctrine ok, but in practice they are more like cults in the vein of David Koresh. He was worshipped by his followers similar to TB Joshua, Creflo Dollar and co.
When man is worshipped he generally falls, only Jesus & God can be worshipped as they are in fallible.

Anonymous said...

I dont ppl are worshipping TB Joshua like You i used To think that way until i Got delivered from drunkardness, smoking and suicidal thoughts and many only then i knew these serve a living God and yes i Love Him for allowing himself To Be used by God

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm have nothing to do wt this story names and date are mentioned petitions where written an no action was taking,I want someone to pls giveme d definition man of God,lets stop been deceived and face reality,God is not author of cunfoution nothing hidden under d sun truth will be revealed....soon.

Anonymous said...

Stop judging tb joshua,,Jesus was called all sort of names ,,God will be the judge of all this,,,I personally believe that Joshua is a true servant of God..

Anonymous said...

Jehovah God knows Everything......God is the healer not man.... We need to read our bibles seriously and know God our selves....

Helen Asmund said...

my name is Helen Asmund from Canada, the greatest testimony i have ever seen in my life i want to use this great opportunity
to thank prophet Tb Joshua the man of God.i was having a breast cancer over 5moths, everyone around me run
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me out i went to the best hospital in Canada no solution, all hope was lost, on one faithful day as i was going
online i saw a testimony of this great man of God Tb Joshua ( that people sharing
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